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Our Barbers don’t sing. They don’t clap.
And they don’t do lunges – unless it’s their day off. Our Barbers are a cool cutting crowd of blokes and babes with one solid agenda: to groom you, good & proper. At Sorbet Man, we take our cuts & shaves seriously, with only the finest products in our hands and the keenest attention to detail. The barber shop menu extends from cuts & shaves to colour treatments too, with a whole lot of style to choose from. As for our grooming therapists, they add a double serving of awesome to our man cave with their offering of massages, waxes, facials, manicures, pedicures and more. Our Sorbet Man crew consists only of trained and qualified industry professionals that put their Sorbet stamp of excellence on every service they deliver. Rest easy fella, you know you’re in real good hands.

Most popular products

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    The Hat-Trick Clean Up  

    A triple shot of refreshing shower power, for the guy that prefers things in three’s.

    What do you get?

    Mild enough to use on hair, face and body – all at the same time – this 3-in-1 clean-up will fast track your grooming skills to a zesty fresh A-Game.

    How does it work?

    A balancing combo of fresh scents and cleansing properties, Sorbet Man 3in 1 Body Wash:

    • Shampoos
    • Cleanses
    • Moisturises
    • Revitalises
    • Uplifts


    • Energised like a Warrior
    • Fast like a Cheetah (3-in-1)
    • Fresh like a 4am Morning


    Use morning and/or night to stay confidently fresh all day long.

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    Fresh from the Fight – DuraQuench™ IQ

    A supreme hydro body fix for the active chap that knows no limits.

    What do you get?

    A hydrating burst of skin quenching regeneration, before and after the daily grind.

    How does it work?

    Developed to provide optimum skin hydration through the DuraQuench™ IQ moisturising complex, together with reinforcing properties, Sorbet Man Body Lotion Active:

    • Hydrates the skin
    • Regulates water loss
    • Softens
    • Rejuvenates


    • Energised like a Warrior
    • 3-in-1 Fast like a Cheetah
    • Clean like a PG Movie


    Apply and massage a small amount at a time, onto the body to maintain healthy looking skin. Apply daily, or as required, to moisturise skin.

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    Feed your Face

    The ultimate DIY improvement tool, but for your face.

    What do you get?

    For the guy that knows his limits against harmful sun damage, Sorbet Man’s Face Moisturiser is complete with SPF 15, for added ammo against early signs of aging and harmful sun rays.

    How does it work?

    Formulated with cell replenishing ingredients and SPF 15, Sorbet Man Face Moisturiser:

    • Guards against sun damage
    • Softens skin
    • Hydrates skin
    • Reduces the appearance of age lines


    • Armed like a Ninja
    • Smooth like a Midnight Cognac
    • Soft like a Superman Landing


    Use daily. Apply and massage a small amount onto the neck and face to maintain healthy looking skin.

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